How to choose the right bike saddle

To choose with total security a comfortable saddle for our ass and not to go crazy front the big offer that we have. We need to know two things in order not to be wrong in the election.

The two keys to choose the rigth bicycle saddle:
● Must to know the size we need.
● Try it over long distances.

To know the size we need to measure the distance between the ischia (lower part of the hip bone) and add 20 mm to that measure. We could find out at home by sitting with the shorts on some soft cardboard or some plasticine.

The best option, in any store in your city they have a tool to know it. It is nothing more than a stool that has a gel on its upper base where you will leave the imprint of your back perfectly engraved and be able to measure it safely.

We think that all manufacturers if we enter a medium / high price segment offer a similar quality of materials. But the PRO brand, which we have in the Tramuntbike Mallorca store, offers you the possibility to try the saddle for a month and if it does not satisfy you, you will be reimbursed for the money.