Bicycle Maintenance

The cleaning and greasing of our bicycle is the most important. We can extend the life of the components, in addition to getting a good working.

Bike main parts:

We must differentiate three parts when cleaning:

  • Transmission: chain, cassette, chain rims and derailleur.
  • Wheels.
  • Frame.

Bike transmission:

If we have the opportunity to use water, we will use any degreaser which will work it to some minutes after having wetted the entire transmission cleaning the remains with a brush.

To dry cleaning we will use any spray of lubricating (very careful not to wet the brake discs) which softens the old grease that is usually mixed with mud remains. Using a rag to remove all remains.

If we remove the chain (very easy with the quick link), it will be easier and more efficient to clean it and the rest of the transmission components.

In both cases and if we have it, it is very effective to blow it with a compressor, since all the remains will be left which are not reached either with rag or brush.

To bike rest, we have many brands of: soaps, waxes, polishes …

But our advice very effective and economical is a baize and bucket of water with a little ammonia.

Bike wheels.

Clean the spokes one by one. It is an effective way to detect damaged or loosened spokes. Use rag and clean water for brake discs or brake band in brake shoe casse.

Bike frame.

Using the same formula of water and ammonia it is advisable to remove the wheels, we will gain in washing efficiency and time. Even to end some parts of the frame.

Special mention to the frames painted in matte, very clean cloth and only in case of grease stains use alcohol.

Pressurized water:

Pros: The convenience of finishing the route and with only € 1 and two minutes at the nearby gas station at home, we have the bike clean

Cons: We shorten the life of the components since a percentage of the dirt remains embedded in bearings, hubs, etc. It is not good, since it removes the necessary grease for friction between components. And you need more periodic reviews.