Bottom pain produced by the saddle

The pain can be of two types, firstly a superficial pain as a result of friction and sweat and secondly an internal pain from supporting all the weight of your body.

It’s clear that our body is wise and the best solution is to accustom it to this effort and what better way than to ride a long time.

But if the pain persists, there are other things to take into account.

In the case of superficial irritations: Use good quality cycling shorts, always clean and never wear the same shorts two days in a row, completely dry as damp shorts can irritate the skin, you mustn’t wear underwear and for longer routes than normal we recommend you use moisturising cream.

For the internal pain: Take into account the size of your saddle. In a specialized shop they can advise us to the size in relation to the distance between our isquia ( bones that form the bottom part of the pelvis). The saddle position should always be horizontal and the height must be correct to avoid incorrect pedalling or leaning over the handlebars.

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