Frequently asked questions

You can make your reservation through the web or by sending us an email

We accept payment by Visa, Paypal or bank transfer

You can choose between paying the total reservation from the website, or pay MONEY TRANFER 25% of the total when making your reservation BY EMAIL and pay the rest afterwards.

You must leave it reflected in the observations section, when making the reservation through the website. In case you prefer to make your reservation by sending an email, you must indicate the full address in which we must make the delivery, as well as a phone number so that we can get in touch with you.

The transportation costs will be calculated from the area and the amount of your reservation.

In the case of not delivering the bicycle (s) within the agreed period, you must pay for each additional day at the same price as the previously agreed days.

We have Civil Responsibility Insurance. In addition, we will take care of repairing the unintentional damages caused to the bicycle, up to a maximum of € 60. This includes spokes, chain, gears, chafing, and other elements that may have wear . The client must assume, in any other case, the intentional damage to the bicycle as well as the theft or disappearance of the same or its accessories and repairs above € 60.

If the client decides to cancel a reservation previously made, he must notify us one month in advance. If the client contacts our team at least 30 days before the date of the reservation and communicates his decision to cancel it, the full amount will be returned. In any other case we can not make your cancellation effective and you will lose the amount of the reservation.

Our recommendation is to make a single reservation for the whole group, to speed up the communication process between Tramunbike and customers. However, the website allows you to make reservations separately if you wish. In the latter case, it is advisable to indicate that you belong to a group and that you provide the information of one of the members to serve as an interlocutor.

All bikes include a helmet, a padlock, an anti-puncture kit, and come with standard flat pedals. If you want to include pedals with cleats, there will be an additional cost.

Compact (50 – 34) and 11s (11-28) or (11 – 32).

You must return it in the same condition as the beginning of the rent . You must return all the included accessories that we provided at the time, as otherwise, you must pay them. The cleaning service is free.

We have all the services you want to hire. In addition to an assistence service. IF IT HAS NOT BEEN FOR MISUSE

The most effective is to immediately call the emergency number 112. They can attend you in all languages and they will contact us.

We recommend your own shoes, helmet and gloves. However, we have a store where we can provide you with the necessary material if you need it.

Of course We will gladly advise you on the routes that best suit your level. You can also find them on our website.