Road bike checks

Like any vehicle, our bicycle needs periodic checks. For our safety and enjoyment. Following the maxims: “The bike does not break” except for some faulty part (rarely) or for an unfortunate fall.

Check when buying a bike

Very simple and we can do it ourselves since it consists of checking and tightening all the screws  of it. It is advisable to use a torque wrench, and essential for carbon materials. All the components of our bicycle will have an inscription consisting of a figure followed by the initials NM (Newton Meter). This numbers indicates the ideal power to tighten the screws of the entire bike.

It is also advisable to lubricate the mobile parts of the bicycle such as steering, bottom bracket, transmission and pedals. Manufacturers usually deliver new bicycles without having done so.

We will repeat this process after the first rides.

Parts of the bicycle to keep in mind when we release it:

Gears: It is normal that after the first rides some speeds jump or that big gear  not enter. It is usually due to the settlement of the covers and stops of the cables. Normally with a tension of them will be solved.