It is very common that after trying any improvement in our bike we “get used to it quickly,” and we do not know how to ride without improvement. A clear example of this is the telescopic seatpost

Who would have told us a few years ago that while pedalling we could change the saddle height? The comfort and security that can give one of these parts is amazing especially if we like to practice mountain bike on rough terrain.

Normally before starting a downhill with big steps we stop and get off the saddle, and then put it in pedalling position. Who stops for a single obstacle? A simple vertical drop is enough to get hurt.

That ” telescopic seatpost” is heavy, but the choice is very simple, weight, or safety. They are expensive, but have you thought how much it can cost to go ” flying” over the handlebars?

Our opinion is that the worst part of using a telescopic seatpost is the dependency that you create for comfort and safety.

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