What to taste in Mallorca?

The island of Mallorca, or rather, in all the Balearic Islands, its gastronomy has evolved, but very recently, since by geographical circumstances it was very difficult to have a great influence from other places, even if it was a place of passage for many merchants.

The Majorcan are faithful to our dishes where there is mostly a wide variety of vegetables and the most used meat is pork, since in the past and nowadays families continue to raise them to kill “ matanzas” and have meat and sausages for the whole year.

Meals or foods that we recommend when you visit Mallorca:

Meal whose base is potato, eggplant, zucchini and tomato sauce. It can be accompanied with pork tenderloin or the fish that you like, usually white fish that has fewer bones is used.
In areas of the island you find it served with fried eggs. My little recommendation if you want to do it at home, add a little sobrasada in the tomato sauce.

It is a sausage based on pork seasoned with salt, black pepper and paprika. It has a slow maturation. Its texture invites you to spread, it is not laminated like a ”chorizo”. This sausage is typical of the island therefore it is protected with the geographical indication seal. Recommendations that I make to enjoy the sobrasada in all its splendor. Spread it alone on a piece of brown bread (typical of the island) or quelitas (typical Mallorcan cookies)

Another option would be to sprinkle sugar or some honey or Mahonés cheese preferably (these three options could be put in the oven to warm) and finally another way to eat it would be to cook it in a panand then spread it also on bread.

Coca de Trampó
It is known as the Mallorcan vegetable pizza. Its base is a crunchy pasta dough made with water, oil and flour (I make it with a small glass of water of oil and water and the flour that it absorbs and finally I spread it in the mold) and on it it puts green pepper, tomato and onion. To the oven!

Arroç Brut
It is a rice meal with a very dark broth. It could be compared to a mountain rice. What sets it apart is the set of spices that is added at the end. If you come to the island you cannot leave without trying it.

Frito malloquín 
One of my favorite meals. If you know its ingredients you may not be encouraged to eat it, but I recommend it 100%. Its base is blood, liver and potato. If it is fried from “Matanzas”, lean meat and bacon are added. Everything is seasoned with fennel, salt, pepper, onion, garlic, chilli and bay leaf. You can find the fried seafood, which would be the same but with sea ingredients.

Fermented sugary dough, which gives a great dessert typical of the island, was formerly without filling, known as ensaimada smooth, then evolved and filled with “cabello angel” or cream. Nowadays it is fully adapted to the new demands and you can find it with nougat, chocolate, white chocolate, cream …

Cardenal de Lloseta
Fully authentic dessert of Lloseta, this was accidentally created by the owners of the oven (Forn de Baix). It is a meringue and cream sponge cake. Totally recommended to try it.

Empanada y cocarrois
I would’nt know how to define it, if it is a meal or snack… But I must tell you that you cannot leave without standing in a good bakery and buy one of each. They are made from a salty dough with flour, oil, lard and water.

“Empanadas” are stuffed with seasoned meat and vegetable in “cocarrois”. Everything is put raw in the oven and they are made slowly and so the dough also takes the taste of the interior.

It’s hard to try them to people  out from the island, but in the end they are a drug… Meal stewed mainly with snails and is seasoned with spices and lean meat. Many people when they eat them with “all i oli”.