Winter cycling in Mallorca

Cliclismo en Invierno en Mallorca

In Mallorca there is no winter as our neighbors in Northern Europe 

While Nordic, Swiss … they are at freezing temperatures, we have them from 12º to 20º. For these cyclists, they are spring temperatures.

What has Mallorca that makes it unique for all cyclists?

Of course the weather and its orography. Two very attractive reasons to come to our island to ride.

A cyclist in Mallorca.

What is the island offering us at winter to host us and be able to leave our bike on a safe place?

Urban hotels, in Palma capital, which is close to many routes and offer cyclists schedules adapted to their needs, as well as gastronomy and facilities. As hotels on the island that have opted for seasonality and have also adapted to cycling tourism.

A group of cyclists on the road.

What cyclist profile can come?

Any person who loves to ride through a great landscape and with great temperatures. Even professional cycling teams are experts in pedaling for a long time in the winter months, to train.

What are the best months to cycling in Mallorca?

There is no bad month to ride, even in summer if we do it early, but from Tramunbike Mallorca we could advise you from november to may.

We advise you these months of the year, because it is low season for beach tourism and the island is quieter and with less traffic for road bikes.

You only need to know this detail to corroborate the aforementioned:

LA CHALLENGE DE MALLORCA, celebrated in  january has always been the traditional test that opens the cycling season in Europe.

So we can say with absolute certainty that Mallorca is a destination to practice our favorite sports, cycling, all year round.