Who we are?

Tramuntbike is a family business, born from the dream of a Mallorcan cyclist who wanted to turn his passion for cycling into his profession. Today, Tramuntbike helps to show the visitor an unknown Mallorca, beyond the sun and the beach. A magical island whose landscapes, people, history and gastronomy have made the island a fantastic place to enjoy cycling and create unforgettable memories.

When we think about making a getaway to perform our favorite sport, road or mountain biking, we want everything to go great. We seek quality, good service, professionalism and friendliness, and we want to avoid worries and problems. In Tramuntbike we do everything possible to make cycling with us a rewarding experience.

Our team knows perfectly the roads, climbs, descents, villages and places of interest that we put at the disposal of our fellow cyclists.

We feel a great satisfaction for the results obtained when sport is translated into companionship, in an interaction between cycling, the cyclist and the human being who completes it.

For this reason, we have been working for more than 6 years, being able to affirm that there is a great loyalty with the colleagues who decided to trust Tramuntbike for the first time. This is the best reward, and it gives us the strength to believe in what we do.

Why choose Tramuntbike?

✔ We offer last generation bicycle, road or mountain rental services.

✔ A workshop in which we check out your bicycle and ready it accordingly.

✔ Routes guided by local professionals in several languages.

✔ Small groups, taking into account their physical and technical conditions.

✔ A store to meet your needs.

✔ Information and assessment.

✔ You want to enjoy our favorite sport to a full.

“Tramuntbike is a human group whose goal is to make riding a bike an unforgettable experience, to be saved with the good times of life”

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